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While you can find lots of choices for Springdale, AR, general auto repair services, you want experienced mechanics for results. That is why more area residents, visitors, and professional drivers turn to us at Roadside Service Auto Repair for solutions. 

In addition to providing your best selection of repair options at lower costs, we also help you save on maintenance. No matter what your car needs from our staff, we can keep it running better for less when you need:

  • Brake Repair
  • Cooling & Heating System Repair
  • Electrical Diagnostic & Repair
  • Exhaust & Muffler Repairs
  • Steering & Suspension Repair
  • Scheduled Auto Maintenance
  • Transmission Repair
  • Wheel Alignment
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Whether your owner’s guide says it’s time for service, or you experience unusual performance problems, you need our expert mechanics. No one else provides more auto maintenance for less throughout the community as we do for more types of cars.

Brake Inspection & Replacement

Your brake system should continue to work for at least 50,000 miles, and we maintain and repair any needed components.

Cooling & Heating System Repair

Hot, muggy summers, and frigid, wet winters demand that your vehicle has cooling and heating systems that work like new

Electrical Diagnostic & Repair

Using professional diagnostics equipment, we scan your vehicle for any issues you haven’t noticed or pinpoint where you need repairs.

Exhaust Systems Services

A properly working exhaust system means the difference between driving with full power and your car choking on dirty fumes.

Steering & Suspension Repair

When your car shakes and rattles without accurate rolling, you likely have steering and suspension problems that need servicing now.

Transmission Maintenance & Repair

Not every auto repair shop fixes transmissions, leaving you searching elsewhere. Bring your car for service center today.

Wheel Alignment & Repair Services

If you begin drifting into other lanes, your wheels might not spin straight. We keep your car running properly again.

Top Rated Auto Repair Shop in Springdale, AR

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While every AR auto repair team claims to remain the best, we provide superior service options for less every day. Whether you need to find the closest auto repair shop to your home, or quality results, we offer it all.

How many times do you visit a nationally franchised shop, only to hear that they don’t provide specific service options? Instead, we continue to lead the state in complete auto repair shop solutions that save you more on quality care.

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And while your local dealership may also offer AR auto service, they likely want to sell you a new vehicle. When you need superior repairs for less, you need our mechanics today.

No one else gives you more options to maintain your vehicles than our experienced care team does daily. Choose Roadside Service Auto Repair today for all your automotive services and affordable car maintenance solutions.

Contact Roadside Auto Repair Services of Springdale see why more area drivers continue to rely on us at Roadside Service Auto Repair.

We can also provide towing service to our auto repair shop for more involved mechanical issues.



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